Submission Guidelines:
& Conditions of Entry: 
Please read carefully.
Eligibility: Everyone is welcome to apply. You do not need to be a professional working artist. We accept applications from all levels and experiences. We most warmly welcome local artists of South Canterbury while also inviting artists from around Te Waipounamu and New Zealand as well as international artists. All are welcome to submit their art for the Green-Gold Gallery inaugural Art exhibition. While All mediums of visual art will be considered, expressions of interest 
are especially sought for - Paintings - Sculpture - Digital & immersive art. 
There is a size restriction of 120 x 120cm and a weight of 10kg for hanging works. 
Work for the Matariki inaugural opening Art exhibition will be selected at the discretion of the curator. While you my submit three works only one may be chosen for the show. 
Application: Artists may submit up to 3 distinct pieces of work for consideration. 
Images should be uploaded directly to the online application form and not exceed 100MG per image. Digital or immersive art videos can be sent via Vimeo or YouTube link, along with the password to view the video. Please email me the links directly at if this applies to you 
Fee:  Only $25 for 3 submissions (non-refundable), please pay by online bank transfer.
Bank details are on the Application form. With this fee, you kindly support the initiative. Green-Gold Gallery is run by one individual artist and the submission fee is due to the substantial amount of admin, processing and time involved with running an open call, the fee goes towards the cost of renting the venue,  advertising, social media and everything. It also ensures that Green-Gold Gallery is sustainable and can commit to this exhibition and future exhibitions to come. 
Delivery & Pickup: The cost of delivering the artworks to the Geraldine exhibition space is the responsibility of the artist, along with any insurance. Please consider this when submitting works that may cost more to transport. Artists will be required to drop off artworks at the venue at
10 Wilson St, on Tuesday 11th of July between 9am - 5 pm unless we agree to alternative arrangements in advance. Posted artworks should also aim to arrive at the Gallery by that date. 
All artworks must be exhibition-ready with proper framing and ready-to-hang hardware. The exhibition follows a cash-and-carry concept, emphasising the immediate availability of artwork for purchase. 
The collection of unsold artworks is the responsibility of the artist. Collections are to be made on the weekend of Saturday 16th /Sunday 17th Sept, unless alternative arrangements are made in advance. The artist is not responsible for shipping if the artwork sells during the exhibition. 
Artists based outside of the South Island of NZ will be provided with an address to ship their works to once their participation in the show is confirmed, it is important that artworks are able to arrive at the Gallery before Monday 10th July.  We have a reliable address for postage (please enquire). You would be responsible for courier/postage costs send and return if unsold. We have found that DHL is a very reliable service and can arrive from the UK in as little as 3 days! The artist will need to provide prepaid return courier tickets if this is necessary.
Application Form: While we would prefer if all artists could utilise the convenient online 
‘Application Form’, an email .PDF version has also been made available. There is more data space available for sending pictures than in a regular email, making it much easier for you to send your image files by uploading them to the online form. You can send up to 5 pictures of each work. 

If you have very limited digital literacy and are not able to apply online, you are welcome to print the application form (available at the bottom of this page). Please fill it in and can fill it in and email it to me. Or if you fancy a more traditional approach you can print it, fill it in with a pen and paper and pop it through the letterbox with photographs of your work at: 10 Wilson St ,Geraldine, 7930.
Print Services: For artists based outside of New Zealand, we understand the challenges of arranging printing from a distance. That's why Green-Gold Gallery is here to assist you. We can take care of the printing process for selected artworks and will ensure high-quality prints that maintain the integrity of your original piece. While the cost of the print and framing is your responsibility, we strive to alleviate the logistical burdens by coordinating with our trusted local printer. Utilising our service is entirely up to you, and if you prefer to arrange to print independently, we fully support your decision. We value transparency and open communication, discussing all details and costs with you. If your artwork is chosen, we will work closely with you to make the printing process a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Digital/Virtual works of Art: At the Green-Gold Gallery, we proudly feature a dedicated space for digital, immersive, and interactive artworks. Our digital art room offers a captivating platform to showcase your virtual creations. We look forward to welcoming artists working in the realms of NFT's, VR, AR, Digital Painters & Illustrators, Generative Artists, Interactive Media Artists, 3D Modelers & Animators, Digital Sculptors. Equipped with a selection of monitors our gallery provides an immersive experience for viewers to engage with your digital masterpieces. While we currently have limited space for digital submissions, we operate on a "first come, first served" basis for our digital submissions, that is unless the digital artist is able to lend their own tech for their show. It would ideal if digital artists are able to come and set up their art installations in person on-site as we know how complicated these installations can be. Although in the future we intend to represent artists creating work for virtual reality (VR) we are currently unable to exhibit VR works due to the absence of Oculus or Vive headsets, I am excited to share that we have six smartphone-compatible headsets available for on-site use.

Our commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive space for digital art is high on the priority list. We continue to seek funding for further advancements in this area, to offer a dynamic platform where artists like yourself can unleash their creativity and captivate audiences through immersive digital experiences. 
Commission & Volunteering: Green-Gold Gallery will retain a 30-40% commission total on all sales made during the exhibition. Please factor in these amounts when determining your prices. All artworks are required to be for sale.

To assist in starting our large gallery space, we invite the artists who have been selected for the exhibitions to contribute their time and expertise in the Gallery. This will be rewarded by the gallery taking less of a commission than your average dealer gallery. Artists who choose to dedicate several hours a week to assist in the gallery will receive 70% of their sales, while the gallery will take 40% if the artist does not wish to or cannot attend. Artists are requested to contribute their time during the duration of their artwork's display by booking their time on a rotor with other artists.  By participating in gallery activities, artists will gain valuable experience in selling art and interacting with clientele and the other artists in the show. Thus building a vibrant Art community. Additionally, artists hosting in the gallery will also be responsible for helping to sell the works of other artists.
As an incentive to promote the sales of fellow artists, any artist who successfully sells another artist's work will earn a commission of that artwork. This commission serves as a reward for actively contributing to the sales and fostering a supportive community within the gallery.
Physical & Remote Support: We warmly welcome volunteers to join us in managing the 
pre-event activities at the Gallery. Building a collaborative artist spirit in our community is our 
goal, and we invite individuals to lend a helping hand with various tasks such as constructing plinths, administrative work, advertising, and setting up the show.

Your support from home also plays a crucial role in making this wonderful event a success and in supporting artists who are eager to participate. Together, we can create an unforgettable experience and contribute to the vibrant art community we strive to build. Please spread the word to artists in your social networks. Ask them to follow the 'GreenGold Gallery' on facebook to stay tuned with all our Exhibitions, Open Calls, events, workshops and more. 
Funding & Patronage: If you or anyone you know would be interested in supporting the 
'Green-Gold Gallery' as a patron of the arts, to support this new art venture, we are now seeking funding to cover the start-up costs of the gallery, and I am reaching out to individuals who might be interested in either purchasing a piece of my art or making a philanthropic contribution to support this endeavor. Contributions great and small are welcome at this time. I would be delighted to invite interested people to review the funding proposal that outlines the vision of the Green-Gold Gallery in detail. This document provides a comprehensive overview of our objectives and the various ways in which you can contribute. It would be my pleasure to share this proposal with you, allowing you to gain deeper insight into the gallery we aspire to create. Kindly let me know if you would like to review the proposal, as I look forward to the possibility of embarking on this journey with the support of local art enthusiasts and  New Zealand's esteemed arts patrons. Please feel free to extend this request to any philanthropists who may have an interest in supporting this endeavor. 
Insurance: will be the responsibility of the artist while on the premises of Green-Gold Gallery. 
The Green-Gold Gallery will make every effort to handle and care for the artworks received on consignment from artists in a responsible manner. However, it is important to note that the 
gallery's insurance policy does not cover any damages to the artwork arising from the following: failure of the work itself; failure of its mounting systems; breakdown due to the nature, materials or craftsmanship of the piece; or by failed mounting instructions given by the artist. It is important to note that the insurance coverage provided by the gallery does not extend to damages occurring during the delivery or shipping of the artwork to or from the Green-Gold Gallery. Any damages incurred during transit or shipment will not be covered by the gallery's insurance policy. 
By submitting artwork to the Green-Gold Gallery, the artist acknowledges and agrees to assume full responsibility for insurance coverage during the artwork's presence on the gallery premises. The artist understands and accepts that the Green-Gold Gallery will not be liable for any damages to the artwork caused by the aforementioned reasons.   
If you have any questions, require further information or help with your submission, or would simply like to talk about the project. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Artist & Gallery Director - Rachael Linton