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2020 -Medicine Festival Art Installation
2018 - Heritage Craft association - 45min film & trailor made of me teaching oil gilding on the back of the
Cutty Sark as part of the Endangerd crafts ‘Red List’ movement.
2018 - Wells Cathedral & St Albans Cathedral were two of the seven destination of our
Medieval Mosaic Exhibition Tour from 2016-2019
2018 - Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths - Teaching Gilding.
2018 - Totnes and Dartington Open studios
2018 - Oxford open Doors
2017 - Kinetic art sculpture of my interactive ‘Golden cymatics gong bath’ at several outdoor festivals.
Lecture on the Therapeutic properties of my VR Digital therapy at the Psychadellic Society.
2016 - 950th Aniversary of the Battle of Hastings in Hastings - A Medieval Mosaic, Guinness World Record
A recreation of the Bayeux Tapestry. Collaboration by father and daughter team, made of 3million
tiny pieces of steel - 33 year artistic odyssey
2015 - Mind Body Spirit Festival, Olympia, London - Crystal Cymatics, Digital media fine art, live video
immersive installation in collaboration with sound healer Tiffany Keywood and the Soul Dome 360°
immersive Cinema.
2014 - Kinetica, Old Truman Brewery, London - Aura Illuminator, Interactive Digital art installation in
which the viewers experienced their aura in a hand painted mica black mirror.
2014 - Brighton Digital Festival, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton - Cymatics Response, Digital art installation
group exhibition with The New Sublime.
2014 - Kymatic Konference, Black forest, Germany - A multinational conference where I was interviewed
about my art and research for a cymatics documentary by world expert in the field, Jeff Volk.
2014 - Mind Body Spirit Festival, Olympia, London - Painting exhibition
2014 - Brighton Digital Festival, Zu Studios - Sounds Holographic, Multimedia performance art under my
Direction. With gong bath and live cymatics translation. Presented inside the Soul Dome 360°
immersive Cinema.
2013 - Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton Jubilee Square, Eon Solace - Collaboration with Sound healer
Rowan Sterk and the Soul Dome 360° immersive Cinema.
2013 - The Omnia Scroll Exhibition,Venice - Gold and Silver fine art prints, now in private collection.
2012 - TSB Bank Wallace Arts Trust, Pah Homestead, New Zealand - Solo exhibition of gilded paintings in
pure gold, silver & copper. 5 artworks in the private collection of Sir James Wallace.
2008 - Masters exhibition of Digital Art and Thesis ‘Sound Vision’.
Pre 2012 many more  solo multimedia exhibitions and handful of collaborative art exhibitions.


Rachael appeared in the March edition of Home & Antiques magazine, UK, 2019. As part of the Heritage craft association Red list of endangered crafts. Gilding the Cutty Sark featured in the magazine and in a feature length video documentary teaching people how to gild.
Restall Brown and Clennell
Campbell Smith & Co
Rhode Fine Art
Hotel Endsleigh
DBR Conservation
Nick McCaan
Duke of Wellington
Dominic Schuster
Jonathan Sainsbury
Guinevere Antiques
Claude Gallery
& more private clients.

Medieval Mosaic 
Gold Leaf Supplies
Heritage Crafts Association
Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths
Society of Gilders