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Dear Green-Gold Gallery Friends and followers, 
I am Rachael Linton, and it is my pleasure to introduce myself as the Gallery Director of the new Green-Gold Gallery. We opened our new art space on 14th July, 2023 on Matariki. A time to celebrate new beginnings and renewal and was the perfect time to introduce our new gallery and celebrate the talents of local established and emerging artists alike.
I would like to extend an invitation to our community of artists and collectors to connect with the Green-Gold gallery by following our social links below and to visit the official Green-Gold Gallery website. The Green-Gold Gallery is more than just a venue to display artwork; it is a vibrant community of art enthusiasts and supporters. With carefully curated exhibitions, art workshops, and art events, we aim to encourage collaboration and to inspire creativity, and connect our artists with buyers both within New Zealand and Internationally.
Our newly renovated gallery space is dedicated to showcasing living artists, with a focus on modern abstract, contemporary, and expressionist works and sculpture.
Come visit the phusical Gallery at 10 wilson St Geraldine, Enjoy our current show and connect. I lok forward to welcoming you to be a part of this exciting journey.

Warm regards,
Rachael Linton - Gallery Director

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Mobile: 027 2932 788
Gallery Address: 10 Wilson St, Geraldine, 7930 New Zealand.